About the Dragon Slayer Sword Replica

Welcome to the official page of the Dragon Slayer Sword Replica, the most accurate and finely crafted rendition of Guts’ iconic weapon from the world-renowned manga and anime series, “Berserk”.

Our Inspiration
The Dragon Slayer is more than just a weapon – it’s a symbol. In “Berserk”, Guts wields this colossal blade with unyielding spirit and determination, battling both mortal and supernatural foes. Its size, weight, and imposing aura have left an indelible mark on fans worldwide, making it one of the most recognizable weapons in the anime and manga universe.

Craftsmanship & Dedication
Every Dragon Slayer Sword Replica is a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity. Created from high-quality PU, our replicas capture the three-dimensional details of the original design, bringing the world of “Berserk” to your hands. From the leather-wrapped grip to the lacquered finish, every inch of the sword is crafted with passion and precision.